At the bookstore today.  Pic one is the manga stack at the front of the book store.  The thing that pulls people in.  Not a thing in the corner where comics are kept, but where people are drawn in.  Comics of every genre, aiming at ‘male’ and ‘female’ readers, a variety of ages, and most importantly, adult.  That Attack on Titan book is bilingual, advertising that you can use it to learn English.  I can’t imagine Marvel publishing X-Men in Spanish as a learning material.  It’s a great idea, but Marvel comics aren’t mass media in America.

The second picture is, roughly translated, The Strongest Way to Do Comics Box. The circular red sticker advertises that it’s the last left in the store.  It comes with the mannequin, comic paper, rulers, pens, and shadow tone.  It costs ¥1,886, which is about $18.50 U.S.  That’s awesome.  It’s something most parents might buy for a teen.  Sold in the bookstore at the mall.  

I love American/Canadian comics, but the industry is a black hole.  Comic shops really cut the industry off at the knees, making it so kids had no easy access to them.  In Japan, in convenience stores, comics are ⅓ of the magazines for sale.  And the same in bookstores.  It’s a mass market thing.  


(Maybe things like this are available in N. America now, I haven’t lived there in a long time, sorry if this is a stupid example.)

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